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Name's Visit to the Farm

Name's Visit to the Farm

Name's Visit to the Farm

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For the youngest animal lovers!

Our little hero is spending the day is at a farm with the grownups. What an exciting trip to see all the animals!

They are going to visit Farmer Larry and see all the lovely animals on his farm. They look at the cows and count the pigs bathing in the mud. In the hen house, they talk about the colours of the chickens and they watch while Farmer Larry shears the sheep. They cuddle the rabbits, visit the kittens in the barn and try to find the tiny mouse. Maybe our sweet little hero gets a ride on a little horse!

This is a farm book for the youngest children. It can also be used for grandparents, single parents, step-parents or families with two mothers.

The child is actively involved in the storytelling, for example, stroking the animals, waving, counting, discussing colours, blowing dandelions, and so on!

Author: Anna Dybdal
Author: Helena Joy
Illustrator: Anja Løfkvist

Age Group
0 to 4 years
24 pages
delivery time
6-8 working days
In Stock
In Stock
Nordic Swan Label
Nordic Swan Label
Hardcover, Coated Paper 200gr
Hardcover, Coated Paper 200gr

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